Madlen Hirtentreu „Yomi & Yami. Shepherds of the Bunker“


practice caring i must wander through dead landscape. do it through ghosts. where assemblages of the dead gather together with the living.

am fond of lost futures. them live. collect dead dreams. decaying atoms. make them live again another. lost future land. about destiny is different. creature wise different. task much simple.

Steps backward count 798,56 from ice into underwater. falling could say. rather warm. a shielded space where one still dreams.

Yomi and Yami. them twins. land of dead and good news. underworld reading and worthy rebel. an Underdog to protect baby from terror thoughts and sounds. i grief crave possess. one tenderly sings for the baby to keep the monster away. siren so loud forget to breathe.
delete one scene previous life. seed another. recipe cooking life. baby dreaming in lost
land. filled extra chrome nails. much it lives. sporty bulldozer car driving circles in green field.
background drops deep fresh forest.


Näitus toimub Eldem Sanat Alani ja Firin Galleriis, Eskişehir, Türgi
Kohaspetsiifiline isikunäitus 
Initsiaator ja kutse: Esra Eldem
Graafiline Disain: Johanna Ruukholm
Näituse helikujundus: Yikii
Tänud: Kristjan Pütsepp, Eesti Kultuurkapital

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