"Man! God has created you out of nothing, and this is too often felt in your case"  by Urmas Lüüs
On Thursday, December 7th, Urmas Lüüs will open his solo exhibition, titled "Man! God has created you out of nothing, and this is too often felt in your case" at Tütar Gallery. Lüüs' exhibition focuses on the transformation of found materials and theatrical installativity. The staged environment finds one of its foundations in cemetery culture. Instead of approaching the individual's tragedy, Lüüs addresses the theme in much brighter tones, seeing departure from this world as a merging with the highest level of collectivity.
Art Allmägi & Katrin Piile “Origami”
On Wednesday, November 29 at 18:00 the duo exhibition of Art Allmägi & Katrin Piile “Origami” will open in Hobusepea gallery. The exhibition will remain open until December 23, 2023
Mari Roosvalt "Waiting" mixed media, oil canvas. 2023, detail
On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, Mari Roosvalt's solo exhibition Connections. Paintings 1998-2023 will open in Draakon gallery. The exhibition will remain open until December 23.
Exhibition and talk “Let's Get Phygital”
You are invited to the opening of the exhibition LET’S GET PHYGITAL and a guest talk, where the organisers Anneleen Swillen, Mala Siamptani and Darja Popolitova will discuss contemporary jewellery practices through the prism of digital technologies. The exhibition opening and a guest talk is on the 30th of November, 17:00–18:30. The exhibition is open from 30.11 to 18.12.2023. If you can’t join IRL, sign up for a Zoom guest talk via this link: Exhibition Information:
Exhibition “Sources of creativity”
Exhibition “Sources of creativity”
Evald Okas / Mari Roosvalt / Mara Ljutjuk 10.11.2023-14.1.2024 The exhibition features three generations of Estonian artists from the Okas family. Evald Okas (1915–2011) is an Estonian artist whose family included many other artistic people. Okas is known above all for his painting art that adheres to classical form, but his graphic series inspired by travels are equally important. Okas' production is characterized by color saturation, figurativeness and masterful use of lines, whether the subject of the description was everyday subjects, a portrait, a nude thesis or an urban or industrial landscape.
Crystal Grid. Photo: Paul Kuimet
Please join us for the launch of Crystal Grid – a new artists’ book by Paul Kuimet – on Thursday, November 23 at 6 pm. The event will begin at Draakoni Gallery with a guided tour by the artist. The tour will be held in English. After the tour the book launch will take place at Kanuti Gildi SAAL. At the launch the artist will be in conversation with the art critic Hanno Soans. Discussion is held in Estonian. During the launch the publication will be sold at a special price of 20 euros. On the evening of the launch Paul Kuimet’s exhibition at Draakoni Gallery will be open until 8 pm. Paul Kuimet’s new book presents two series by the artist – “Crystal Grid” (2020–2023) and an ensuing series of assemblages “What It Is to Be What You Are Not” (2022).
Exhibition ”The Spirit of Time”
Exhibition ”The Spirit of Time”
Opening 16.11.2023 at 17.00! 16.11.23 – 13.01.24 Everybody is probably beginning to realise that one era, one civilisation is about to end, and some still significant phenomena of today are quickly disappearing into the dustbin of history. People’s consciousness is also opening up, expanding. The new man sees the world as more compact, everything is connected with everything else. The new man knows that honesty, goodness and compassion are keys to wellbeing, health and happiness. Great changes are taking place in painting as well. The new, as always, comes through the back door, from aside, from above, from below. And then it has arrived and all changes. Instagram is one such back door. Kindred spirits can easily find one another, new friends, schools spring up as if by themselves. Some elitist journals and galleries no longer control the development of the art (of painting). 
“Meadows of Change, a Place Called Home” by Keiu Maasik
On Friday, 17 November at 5:00 p.m. Keiu Maasik will open her solo exhibition “Meadows of Change, a Place Called Home” in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House. The exhibition is about life in virtual reality and reflects on the possibility that human life may move there in the future. It also deals with the fear that this could happen and what we as humans would lose as a result.
Hedi Jaansoo. Nails and Punctures and a Bit of Support (2023)
Group exhibition “Fragile Balance“
On November 9, 2023, at 7 pm a group exhibition titled Fragile Balance opens at Atletika gallery in Vilnius featuring the works of artists Hedi Jaansoo, Nokukhanya Langa, Anna Mari Liivrand, Emma Luukkala, Mari Männa, Laurynas Skeisgiela and Mark Soosaar. The show is curated by Estonian curator Kaisa Maasik and it will remain open until December 16, 2023. The exhibition Fragile Balance focuses on the relation between I can and I cannot - the collision of the frail and the sturdy. Something that artists deal with daily, but voice ever so less. Each of the participating artists has created a practice out of their relationship to the material. The chosen matter becomes an extension of the creator themselves and their capabilities. The struggle is kept in motion even after the work has been put out on display.
Alice Kask. Doll
On Friday, 17 November at 5:00 p.m. Alice Kask and Neeme Külm will open their joint exhibition “Something Righter in This” in the large gallery of the Tartu Art House.  The exhibition is seemingly a continuation of the show “In Vanity Alone”, which Alice and Neeme organised in the Tallinn City Gallery a year ago. At the same time, it is also not. While the selection at that time was firmly orchestrated by Neeme, who worked as a demiurge transforming the comprehensible space into an incomprehensible one, today the roles have been switched and Alice has reclaimed the space which she had surrendered to Neeme, filling it with her large paintings. Neeme has handed over the reins saying: “Let grace accompany our actions”.