Exhibition “Keep ___ close to your chest”
On 30 September, at 18.00 the Narva Museum Art Gallery opens the exhibition “Keep ___ close to your chest“. Free transport to Narva is available – an art bus starts from Tallinn at 13.00   Programme: 13 The bus starts from Tallinn, Georg Otsa street (behind the Estonian Drama Theatre) 16 Tour at the exhibition “Portrait of an emotion” at Narva Art Residency with the curator Laura Toots (in English) 17 Tour at the art gallery’s permanent exhibition “Life or karma? Stories of Narva” with the curator Rael Artel (in Estonian, English audio-guides available; only with museum ticket 2/4 €) 18 Opening ceremony of the exhibition “Keep ___ close to your chest“ 20.30 The bus leaves for Tallinn To book a seat in the bus, please register:   The exhibition:
Flows into Being. Eighth Estonian Small-Scale Sculpture Exhibition and the Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Sculptors’ Union
22.09.2021 – 23.10.2021 Gallery Pallas     On Wednesday, 22 September at 5 p.m. the Eighth Estonian Small-Scale Sculpture Exhibition will be opened in the Gallery Pallas alongside the Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Sculptors’ Union. The tradition of these open call group exhibitions was founded by the long-time sculpture collection registrar at the Tartu Art Museum Ahti Seppet in 1986. Therefore, the present edition also marks the 35th anniversary of the series.   Small-scale works from 53 authors with the longest side being no longer than 60 centimetres were selected through the application process. In addition to numerous works in classical materials like ceramics and bronze, the exhibition also includes various installations. Participants include both art students and professional authors at the height of their careers.  
Katrin Koskaru's exhibition “Engine Noise from the Sun”
Katrin Koskaru's personal exhibition “Engine Noise from the Sun” will be open in Hobusepea gallery from Friday, September 24th, 2021. Exhibition will be open until October 11, 2021.  
Sigrid Viir „Võltspuhkaja reisipäevik“
Sigrid Viir will open her personal exhibition “False Vacationers Workcation Travels” in Draakon gallery at 6pm on Tuesday, September 21st, 2021. Exhibition will be open until October 9, 2021.   Sigrid Viir's current exhibition False Vacationers Workcation Travels serves as a conceptual continuation of the artist's personal exhibition recently held in the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) where the artist focused on the subject of blurring the borders between work and vacation in contemporary society.  
Exhibition entitled “What Makes Another World Possible?”
On Friday, 17. September at 6pm, an exhibition entitled “What Makes Another World Possible?” will open at Tallinn Art Hall, which looks at socially engaged art in the last decade and the role of art in social and political struggles. The exhibited works provide an overview of how art has been used as a tool for shaping society in the last decade.   Corina L. Apostol, the curator of the exhibition, remarks that when compiling the exhibition she was guided by the belief that artists contribute to some of the most crucial debates of our times and that their voices are significant in shaping society and imagining how it could be different. “The work of the artists in this exhibition brings together the various facets of art, activism and global politics,” she says.   
Marko Mäetamm “Adults only” 100 x 100 cm
18.09–23.10.2021   Garages, where walls, caked with oil and dust, were covered with cut-outs of naked women from porn magazines, and it was completely normal to ask how many women they had fucked. Guy stuff.   As the feeling of not fitting in with a proper hunk's criteria, was haunting, it intuitively rather shaped a critical attitude towards the surrounding macho world. Growing up with a grandmother, mother and sister, it was hard to understand a stereotypical man's being and characteristics, which had never been a part of my own character.   Earning money at a car repair shop and as a truck driver, gave a chance to infiltrate into this kind of environment. The kind where the men were "the real men". Strong, broad, handy.  
Huupi. “14:25” 2021. Oil, canvas. Photo Maris Tomba
The personal exhibition of the artist Huupi “Day Palace II” will be opened at the SOLARIS Gallery in Tallinn on Thursday, September 9 at 7 pm, which depicts the author’s attempt to decode something that is not dependent on people - the changing of colours in time and something descriptive and imaginary - time itself in which we measure ourselves. The exhibition is a follow-up to the artist's exhibition held at the Pallas Gallery in Tartu in August this year.   Day Palace is a series of paintings that combines colour and architecture, light and shadow. The titles of the works are timestamps that mark the movement of light in time and space. The only truly existing element of the paintings is light and shadow from timezone UTC/GMT -6.   Day Palace does not appeal to realism; the passage of time equals the movement of light, since it is by the movement of light that people (who cannot impact this movement) tell time.  
Eve Kask “Wandering Flowers (My Garden)”
Well-kept gardens and flowers visibly unify the majority of Käsmu’s community. My flowers have “come to me on their own” – they’ve been gifted by neighbours and friends, so over time, some of the plants have gotten names of their own – when admiring a plant, the person will come to mind as well. Both humans and plants are finite, but it seems like the people that have passed away will continue to live on in the flowers. The time the flowers were gifted, as well as their flowering periods in accordance to 2020 observations have been added.   Thank you: Urve Sinijärv, Heli Russak, Delija Thakur, Avo Tragel, Priit Kõiv, Anna Kaarma, Anni Kõrvemaa, Linda Zupping, Elo-Hanna Seljamaa, Tallinna Botaanikaaed, Eesti Kunstiakadeemia   Additional information: Tallinn Bothanic Garden / Palm House
Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding Scripta manent VI „Forestonia. Estwald. Mine Metsa!“
3.09.–30.09.2021.   From 3rd September the Pärnu Central Library will host the Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding “Scripta manent VI”. The exhibition is organised by the Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders. The exhibition is a continuation of the international exhibition competition held last year in the ARS Project room, which was attended by 130 artists from 15 countries.  
Triin Kerge and Aksel Haagensen “Hopscotch”
Triin Kerge and Aksel Haagensen “Hopscotch” exhibition opening on September 7, at 5 PM! 07.09.–23.09.2021   Entrance to the exhibition is from Kotzebue street and to the opening only with COVID certificate.   At the exhibition Hopscotch Aksel Haagensen and Triin Kerge will present elements from their respective childhoods. Both artists approach a broader analysis of memory through their own personal memories.