Masayo Ave, SEEDS of HOPE, 2024.
Today the SISU exhibition opens at 3 p.m. At 4 p.m there will be a guided tour in the Film Archives building led by its director Eva Näripea. The symposium will take place from 5 p.m to 7 p.m.  SISU is a major event in the field of Estonian interior architecture and spatial design, which deals with topics related to interior architecture. Participants were asked to open up the current state of their profession through one artefact taking into account the fact that after the end of the exhibition they wouldn’t get back their works. The objects will be put in the boxes and will remain in the archive building as a unified time capsule.
„Ghosts of Impossible Present“
State of Concept is proud to announce the opening of the group exhibition Ghosts of Impossible Present, on Friday the 31st of May at 18:30, curated by Solvita Krese, organised by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.  In the exhibition Ghosts of Impossible Present, artists from the Baltic states address the ghosts of our shared ecosystems – the traces left by ecological disasters and wars in the environment, plants and creatures. For a long time, ecological concerns in the Baltic region have been overshadowed by geopolitical problems, imperialist aggression, the polarization of society, and social inequality, among other issues. Yet the undeniable impact of human activity on the environment and the climate have shifted perceptions. Ecological problems are now recognized as pressing political issues, closely tied to our survival and the future of our ecosystems. 
Marge Monko „Do I Know What It Is, From Which None Can Escape“ Düsseldorfis
‘Do I Know What It Is, From Which None Can Escape’ brings together a series of photographs depicting lost gloves on the streets of Tallinn, and the found photos of human hands. The so-called ‘gloves’ season’ in Estonia lasts relatively long, from October to April. Especially towards spring, one can notice many lost gloves on, which lie on the ground, or are placed in a visible position by passersby. Gloves are immediately connected to hands, protecting them from cold or dirt, and there’s a trace of human touch in the gloves. A single glove on the street signifies loss but also care, especially when observing the creative and sometimes humorous ways that passersby have displayed them so the owners can find them again. The photos of gloves and vintage images of hands are a kind of interplay of the notions of lost and found, and of precarity and care.
Grupinäitus „Re_form_aktsioon”
Group exhibition "Re_form_action"
𝐑𝐞_𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦_𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐑𝐞 – cycles of repetitions, recycling, sustainability 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐦 – shape, layer, format 𝐀𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 – an initiated, active event; an activity that brings consequences Re_form_action is an insight by a group of young artists and fashion designers into the fashion system undergoing rapid changes – a zeitgeist full of critical reflections, the final acts of old narratives and the arrival of new values. The starting point of this exhibition is the garment as a piece of clothing that conveys a feeling or a condition; that is, recording emotions, carrying and commuting narratives. Fashion as an item of clothing, a storyteller and a work of art.
Kai Kaljo "Pakiautomaat"
KAI KALJO PARCEL MACHINE June 8 – July 7 2024 Gallery Metropol and Metropol Cabinet (Vana-Kalmaja 46, Tallinn) Presentation of artworks will take place on June 8 at 6 pm in front of the gallery building. We are happy to announce that your package is waiting for you in Tallinn, in the parcel machine located in the summercool hundred years old building in Kalamaja district. Please pick up your package. Attention! Follow the operating instructions of the machine! Kai Kaljo has brought a site-specific glass exhibition to Vana-Kalamaja street, which subtly combines the themes of our needs, curiosity and passion for ownership. The audience has a role to play, and the house of Metropol will have eyes from nowon.
Jass Kaselaane isiknäitus „Isa ja poeg“
Wednesday, June 12, at 6pm, Jass Kaselaan’s exhibition Father and Son will open in Hobusepea gallery. The exhibition will remain open until July 8, 2024.  Jass Kaselaan: “The exhibition Father and Son is comprised of portrait busts and graphic drawings inspired by the friendship my son and I share. For the exhibition, I sculpted portrait busts of myself. I drew my son. To reflect the mysterious, unfathomably layered inner world of a child, I depicted him as different vessels. The metaphor of a ship came to the aid of expressing the hopes and fears associated with the child growing.”
„Elisarion. Elisàr von Kupffer ja Jaanus Samma“
Ben Miller, a writer and historian based in Berlin, is visiting Kumu to discuss Elisàr von Kupffer’s complicated place in queer art history. The lecture takes place in Kumu Art Museum's exhibition "Elisarion. Elisàr von Kupffer and Jaanus Samma" on the 5th of June at 6pm. The event is in English.
Liisi Eelmaa isiknäitus „Loon, mida näen – ABRAKADABRA“
Fom Wednesday, June 12 I Create What I See – ABACADABRA by Liisi Eelmaa is open at Draakon gallery. The exhibition will remain open until July 6, 2024. Hot afternoon, a little bit too airless, the studio is being heated from three windows by the spring sun. I am kept awake by the strong coffee and its stimulating taste.
Sisearhitektuuri ja ruumiloome sümpoosion ja näitus SISU.
SISU is a major event in the field of Estonian interior architecture and spatial design, which deals with topics related to interior architecture. The symposium has become a meeting place for recognized theorists and practitioners in the field of (interior) architecture from all over the world. This year’s SISU will take place from the 13th until the 21st of June in the premises of the National Archives film archive in Pelgulinn. The focal point of SISU is an exhibition and the accompanying symposium, which will take place on 13th of June at 4.00 p.m. The theme of this year’s exhibition – TIME CAPSULE – refers to the question of temporality in spatial design. 
Ese või asi
Group exhibition "Objects or Things"
The material-led group exhibition "Objects or Things" opens on May 30th at 18:00 in the Krulli quarter. Objects or Things brings together ten master students from the Estonian Academy of Art's new Craft Studies program, presenting works in various materials, including glass, metal, stone, textile and ceramics. The presented works stay on the border between objects and things and question the importance of functionality with their nature, combining different craft disciplines. The group members position themselves in between the worlds of art, design, and craft, brought together by a deep interest in the nature and roles that different materials have and carry. Participants: Sofiya Babiy, Iohan Figueroa, Rait Lõhmus, Juulia Aleksandra Mikson, Katariin Mudist, Maarja Mäemets, Alyona Movko-Mägi, Kati Saarits, Hannah Segerkrantz, and Elias Sormanen. Objects or Things is open from 31.05–9.06.2024, Fri-Sat 13:00–19:00, or by appointment. Address: Kopli 70a, Krulli quarter, 2nd floor.