Primary legal assistance

As of 10 December 2015, the Estonian Artists' Association provides free primary legal assistance to members through the services of experienced lawyer Vahur Glaase. The services include professional advice regarding issues concerning the creative field and entrepreneurship (e.g. copyright, contracts related to the commission and delivery of artworks, employment contracts, professional cooperation agreements etc.), as well as consultation in private matters (family, property, rental relationships etc.). This is a pilot project aimed at supporting EAA members and their professional activity.
Legal assistance is provided at 2 Hobusepea (1st floor, Ignatius Law Offices) on Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm. Pre-registration by email or telephone is required. Please send an email to Primary legal assistance involves a discussion of the particular case and advice regarding the most appropriate legal course of action to resolve it.
If necessary, an agreement or contract will be concluded between the lawyer and the EAA member using the service. It will set out the rights and obligations of both parties as well as the more detailed content, format and duration of the legal assistance to be provided (the duration depends on the precise nature of the matter and the number of assistance seekers registered). The EAA is not liable for any legal or economic consequences resulting from the use of the service or any advice received as part of the service.
Vahur Glaase has a law degree from the University of Tartu and has worked as a lawyer since 1985, including as an investigator and public prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office, as Deputy Minister of Justice, legal adviser to the President of Estonia and Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior. Currently, Vahur Glaase works at Ignatius Law Offices.
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