TASE '23 guided tours on June 15 and 16!
TASE '23 guided tours on June 15 and 16!
Join us for the TASE '23 guided tours on June 15 and 16!  You will be guided through topics like mixed media, neomaterialism, AI, LGBT+, mental health, post-internet aesthetics, sustainability and our shared future. Guided tour by Anna-Liisa Villmann 15.06 at 15.00 in English Starts in front of Tallinn Art Hall Architecture TASE Guided tour by Gregor Taul at EKA 16.06 at 12.00 in English Starts at the EKA lobby, Põhja pst 7
Conference “Artistic Originality in the Age of AI”
The conference “Artistic Originality in the Age of AI” will take place Estonian Academy of Arts on June 15th, from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. The conference discusses historical and contemporary issues of originality and artistic innovation in the age of artificial intelligence. The main topic is to explore originality and novelty in art in a situation where creators are surrounded by a visually oversaturated environment; where creators have technology at their disposal that allows them to easily copy, modify and distribute their art; where professional (art-educated) creators have to compete with visually untrained creators; where digital technology participates not only as an aid and instrument of creation but with the example of artificial intelligence programs tend to question the author’s visual ability.
“salty ember normal smoulder” by Helena Keskküla, Jihye Rhii & Alice Slyngstad
Helena Keskküla, Jihye Rhii & Alice Slyngstad will open their group exhibition salty ember normal smoulder in Draakon gallery at 17:00 on Friday, June 16th, 2023. Exhibition will be open until July 8th, 2023.  She brought her friends along to show where L. dropped it and sat down to cry afterwards.  Her tears were salty, but the lake was not. Many many years ago an airplane landed there as well.  Winking with long eyelashes, he said he was a mouth breather. In between the hairs there are complex congregations of information. 
Exhibition “When time no longer flows, it wells up and pools without a rim”
On Friday, June 16 at 18:00 we celebrate the opening of a group exhibition When time no longer flows, it wells up and pools without a rim curated by Mariliis Rebane. The exhibition connects artworks by Diego Bruno, Freja Bäckman, Piibe Kolka, Kaarina-Sirkku Kurz, and Ingel Vaikla into a loosely associated constellation. As the title suggests, the exhibition is an invitation to engage with ideas that view time as a stretched out continuous present. In their subject matter, the exhibited works spread in various directions as they transcend a single current and approach an array of contemporary concerns. Although the time-based works do not explicitly deal with the question of time, their mediums—video, photography and sound, amongst others—capture some of the ways in which time is currently seen, experienced, and conceptualised. The curatorial aim of the exhibition has been to complicate the division between past and present, as well as old and new. This is attempted, for example, through questioning and re-evaluating ideas around progress and linear narratives.
Baltic Printmaking Exhibition “On The Edge of Change”
We kindly invite you to the opening of international graphics festival PRINTMAKING IN, which will offer an intense programme of art. Performance of legendary group of international artists NON GRATA will take place as part of the opening programme, participating Dr. Kontra, Morgan Schagerberg and Kate Seržāne. Performance Workshop FB:
The handover of the CCA video archive to the Film Archive of the National Archives of Estonia
On June 14, the Estonian Center of Contemporary Art hands its video archive over to deposit it in the the Film Archive of the Estonian National Archive with the aim of securing its preservation, the visibility and accessibility of artists’ video work. Please RSVP here. The celebration of the handover of the video archive is introduced by the video work “The Bridge” by artist Tõnis Jürgens. The work can be seen on Monday, June 12, every full hour on the large-scale screens on Freedom Square and the Nordic Hotel Forum. Jürgens’ work is based on the audiovisual archival materials of film director Marko Raat.
Exhibition “Between the Invisible Walls“
Amy Boulton, Keiu Maasik, Kelli Gedvil & Natalia Wójcik, Kertu Rannula 07.06.2023-08.08.2023 enter the exhibition The exhibition deals with the transformations and symbiosis that happen between the invisible walls in the virtual and real world. An invisible wall is a boundary in a video game that limits where a player can go. If a character passes through that wall, they may enter an area of the map which was not intended to be entered. They might step into an endless space which contains nothing at all.
“Kingfisher in the Underworld. Spectres and Virtual Spaces” by Peeter Laurits
Peeter Laurits will open his solo exhibition Kingfisher in the Underworld. Spectres and Virtual Spaces in Hobusepea gallery at 18:00 on Wednesday, June 14th, 2023. Co-autors of the exhibition are Martin Rästa, Kaiko Lipsmäe & Maido Hollo. Exhibition will be open until July 10, 2023. In Women’s Sauna with Mother. Hot Water Tap and Cold Water Tap. In the Underworld with Father. Surface Areas, Vascular Systems and Intestines. Triptych of Memory. Love. Calibrating the Hexagrams. Kingfisher Hums and Hurtles Through the Phantom Platform.
Exhibition “Chasing the Devil to the Moon: Art Under Lunar Occupation Today”
Tallinn Art Hall is proud to present the thought-provoking exhibition Chasing the Devil to the Moon: Art Under Lunar Occupation Today, curated by Corina L. Apostol. The exhibition explores the profound implications and complex questions arising from the concept of lunar colonisation and the act of recolouring the Moon. Featuring works by Agate Tūna (Latvia), Amélie Laurence Fortin (Poland/Canada), Ann Mirjam Vaikla (Estonia), Pau/a (Latvia/Germany) and Jila Svicevic (Estonia/Hungary/Serbia), as well as a performance by Eglė Šimėnaitė (Lithuania) Chasing the Devil to the Moon: Art Under Lunar Occupation Today  opens on 8 June 2023 at 6 PM at Tallinn City Gallery.
“Polar Wonder“ by Britta Benno in the Ice Age Center
On June 3, artist Britta Benno's fictive space installation “Polar Wonder” will open in the Ice Age Center. At Benno's personal exhibition, it opens as an arctic oasis, with ice and landscape as the main characters, and the artist plays with forms and lines. The author's drawing language expands into a multi-layered landscape abstraction in the exhibition. The exhibition complements the so-called future floor of the Ice Age Center, which focuses on climate change and the environmental impact of human activity.