“Three Paintings from Greece. And Jugs“ by Piret Rohusaar


Metropol 6 m2 and Metropol Cabinet

Vana-Kalamaja 46, Tallinn

Opening event on Saturday, February 10 at 6 PM.

It’s the middle of Estonian winter's slippery black-and-white existence, an explosion of colors and lush forms is bubbling in gallery Metropol, It makes you squint and look for support from the wall. Something like that could not even exist, but at the same time, everyone seems to have some such memory of a place or a person in their mind. Come warm up – July started in February!

The paintings exhibited summarize the artist's one-month-long experiences, emotions and painting process in Greece during summer of 2023:
en plain air * - painting in the open air. that's how it is and painting is fast, you feel and see, there are many emotions. the moment is fleeting, the pomegranates burst in their ripeness and fall from the tree, the light changes quickly... especially this southern light: the shadows change, the sun shines hot, hot. Painting in the open air imposes its own pace and intensity when compared to painting in a studio where there is time to make a brighter ground first and there is time to think about textures.
It's always easy to paint somewhere else.

Piret Rohusaar (b. 1961) studied painting at Estonian State Institute of Art (ERKI) during 1982-1988 under wellknown Estonian painters Tiit Pääsuke, Enn Põldroos and Ando Keskküla. She belongs to the Union of Estonian Artists and the Union of Estonian Painters, her last important solo exhibition was held in the Kadriorg Kastelean house in autumn 2019. Her approach to painting is based on tradition, but at the same time arbitrary and wild, full of contrasts and expression. Later, self-learned skills of ceramics were added, and these two art forms have found a charming symbiosis in Piret's work. The second part of the exhibition consists of Piret's powerful ceramic jugs created on a potter's wheel, resembling the characters who stepped down from her paintings.

More information about the artist's work can be found:
Metropol Gallery is located in Tallinn at Vana-Kalamaja street 46. To visit the exhibition after the opening, contact the artist directly or arrange your visit with the gallery beforehand by calling +372 5217649 or +372 53750662 and ring the doorbell on arrival. You can also send a message via social media.

More information:
Piret Rohusaar, 5105843,
Kaarel Kütas +372 5217649, or Triinu Jürves

FB: Metropol galerii
IG: metropolkapp
Metropol in NOBA art map:
* en plain air - in French "in the open air", or open-air painting is a painting method in which the work is
completed outdoors, in the immediate vicinity of the motif

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