KORDON artists-in-residence Oct-Nov


KORDON is happy to host in residency an Ukrainian artist for three weeks In October/November.

Teta Tsybulnyk is an artist and psychoanalyst based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has academic background in Sociology, Social Anthropology and Clinical Psychology. Her research spans from the non-human gaze on nature to semiotics of the unconscious and dreams. She is the co-founder of ruїns collective, an art group currently consisting of herself and Elias Parvulesco. They co-authored a number of video works including dendro dreams(2017), zong (2019), K-Object from LL-Group (2019), and Salty Oscillations (2021). The films were screened at international film festivals and art exhibitions worldwide.

Film maker and Night University founder Jaan Tootsen will be in KORDON in November. Jaan describes his plans in KORDON as follows: "I'll try to learn to do nothing fruitfully for a few days, but knowing myself, it's already a failed plan, I'll probably hang out on the beach and start planning a future project – a piece of land art: zen–sandbar–border country. I take work from home with me, dealing with President Ilves' film, which is currently nearing completion, all hours are counted, even the ferry ride is meant for thinking. I'm looking forward to meet Ukrainian filmmaker, but above all I'm looking for peace and quiet, twilight and cocoon time. KORDON is a special place, a space where it is good to be and easy to think. Adjust the compass."

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