Group exhibition “Pretty Gimmicks, Charming Trinkets and all the Other Things“


A group exhibition “Pretty Gimmicks, Charming Trinkets and all the Other Things“ will open on Friday, June 2nd at 18:00 at the terminus stop of the Kopli tram line. The six participating artists are united by their love of things: their artistic practice revolves around nearly forgotten objects as if prolonging their lifespan. At a time when there are more (and far too many) things than ever, people are still deeply attached to the tangible. Through the intense observation, collection, deconstruction and repetition of everyday objects, artists take a glimpse into the subconscious of humanity. There is something very human in what the artists in this exhibition point to in their exploration of people's obsession with things. It is this 'something' that makes things the anchors to which we attach our identities and the vessels in which we gather our experiences. The inner life of things observed in this way turns them into capsules of humanity, which carry the invisible evidence of being human as they 'marinate' in time. 

The exhibition takes place in an old kiosk at the first/last stop of the tram line in Kopli. Since the kiosk as such is an absolute showcase, designed to display things as effectively as possible, it raises the same questions as the artists in the exhibition. In a situation where things are so specifically brought to the fore, we find clues about the wish to desire and display objects around us, and about the things to which we attribute agency. Spread across the counter, the works explore the human love of trinkets, the absurdity of mass production, and the power of objects to unite and divide communities. The artists use objects to engage with autobiographical, poetic as well as anthropological questions.

Instead of a kiosk vendor, one of the artists is on duty every day so that the exhibition experience takes a slightly different form each day through the presence of each artist or curator.

Participating artists: Sandra Ernits, Rose Magee, Mara Kirchberg, Sarah Nõmm, Siim Preiman, Leonor Talefe
Curator: Anita Kodanik
Graphic design: Kertu Klementi

The exhibition is open from 3 to 11 June 2023, Mon-Fri 14–20, Sat–Sun 12.00–18.00.

Location: Kopli tram stop, kiosk next to the building at Kopli 99b.
Special thanks to: Mart Veelmaa, Anders Härm, Margit Säde, Mattias Veller, Derevyashka cafe

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