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April 4 – April 21, 2023
Jakobi gallery, Tartu

You are invited to the closing of the exhibition on Friday, April 21 at 4 p.m.

--> Arrowgroup (-→ Noolegrupp in estonian) is an artist group active since 2004. It has appeared in front of the public with exhibitions in white cubes, installations and actions in public space, as well as in all kinds of alternative art spaces. An important part of the group's work is the play with exhibition formats and places, bending and placing them into boundaries that offer new challenges and opportunities, and then slipping over them. Interactivity and audience involvement have played an important role in the artistic practice of --> Arrowgroup. It is based on the belief that every idea must be so explainable, that others can contribute either by acting or by thinking along and the process is more valuable than the end result.

Artist Triinu Jürves:
„Jakob's gallery, with its historical background, the atmosphere of the art school and the character of the space expresses the movement from one point to another, from one era to another, from one state to another, in, through and out. This partiality has some permanence and certainty, but it is not final and can change direction at the next moment. As well as the history and activities of the --> Arrowgroup.
Based on this, the plan is to leave the usual process of making an exhibition even more open, to trust the space and the situation even more. We will install a situation in the gallery, which will take its final form and shape moving towards the end of the exhibition, when it has been grown and changed together with the students of Tartu (art) schools, whom we devote to the matter both in substance and physically. There is a certain amount of risk in this assignment, but also the best amount of faith, hope and experience.“.

As parallels, different artistic interventions actions in the exhibition and urban spaces could be mentioned. As well as fairy tale about the three bears who came home to find that someone had been sleeping in their beds, sitting on chairs and eating from bowls. But since the end result is not predetermined, no move can be wrong, change can be taken as a valuable addition and moving forward.

An individual visitor can enter the gallery when there is an working chaos taking place or during a still moment and reflect on the methods of creating and viewing art, the meaning of being on the road and getting there.

Exhibition crew: Triinu Jürves, Villem Jahu, Kaarel Kütas,Taave Tuutma, Teet Raudsepp.
Exhibition project is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Tartu Children's Art School and Metropol gallery.
Jakobi gallery is located in the Tartu Children's Art School building (Jakobi 52), open Tue-Fri at 1-6 pm.

Additional information:
Triinu Jürves: tel. 5102572,
--> Noolegrupp:
Jakobi gallery:, IG: jakobigalerii/, FB: tartujakobigalerii
Keret Altpere: 787361 578,

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