Urban Festival UIT is announcing an OPEN CALL for installations themed “URBAN PAUSE“


The installation programme “Urban Pause” deals with areas that are considered part of the city, but they stand out among the buildings and plots, as time seems to stand still there. Nature thrives, and one can see signs of city dwellers - meandering paths, spots for bonfires and gathering, as well as traces of four-legged friends. Usually, such areas are destined to be filled with real estate developments, but UIT asks: what is the value of these urban pauses just as they are?

The open call is mostly aimed at city-loving students of art and architecture , but everyone interested in experimenting with installation in public space is welcome to participate. We invite those interested to think about the importance of urban pauses in our current time. At the same time, we encourage you to fantasise about what the alternative (interim)uses of these spaces could be. 

The project will be realised as a temporary installation in public space. The approach to the installation is open to interpretation and can be cross-disciplinary, the installation will be exhibited during the festival week (16.-19.08.2023). Festival encourages the use of recycled materials and other environmentally friendly solutions. 

UIT will select three ideas to be realised during the festival (two from Estonia, one from Europe). The festival offers an artist fee for the participants (1400€) and covers production costs (up to 1400€). The project is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Deadline 22 of June 2023

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