Submit your work for auction!


On the occasion of the Estonian Academy of Arts' 109th  and EKA Ceramics 100th anniversaries, we will hold a public auction where the works of both alumni and students will be sold. The auction proceeds will be collected to support young artists of EKA.

Last year, the auction raised 13 348€, half of which was donated to the young artist funds and half of the sale price was given to the authors.

The organisers will select up to 25 works, which will be offered at a starting price of €109 and 100€ respectively. The author of the work will receive 50% of the sale price, and 50% will be donated to the Young Artist and Young Applied Artist Prize fund, which is distributed to the winners at the TASE Grad Show. The proceeds from the ceramic works will go to the newly founded Leo Rohlin Fund, which supports young ceramists.

The auction will take place in the EKA Assembly Hall on October 27 and will be conducted by the experienced auctioneer, Reigo Kuivjõgi.

If you would like to submit your work for auction, please send a description of the work, including the title, format, technique and photo(s) of the work as well as a short author's biography to no later than October 10, 2023.

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