SOHO Fond at Põhjala Factory


The Estonian artist SOHO Fond, who resides in Bali, will open his large-scale art exhibition this Friday at 19:00 at PÕHJALA Factory. Most of the material exhibited originated from the author's art residency in Bali and arrived in Estonia as rolled canvases. Over the years, the artist has supplemented the original material, so the works have recorded the thoughts, emotions, ideas and layers of the last five years. SOHO Fond masterfully uses a wide variety of techniques when creating his works - realistic paintings, collages, mosaics, as well as techniques familiar from street art can be boldly mixed in layers on the surface of the work. The use of color and line in the artist's last creative period is strong, and the social criticism of the works is at least as bold. 

 SOHO Fond was born (08.06.1962) in Tallinn, Soho studied at the bachelor's program of the EKA Open Academy and furthered his education in New York, USA. The author is currently continuing his studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts and this exhibition is part of his MA thesis.

The exhibition will remain open until 15.09.

Additional information:, +372 53 908 107

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