“The River Still Keeps on Flowing“ by Aet Ollisaar


1.Feb - 15. Apr 2024
Meeting with the artist 29. Feb from 17:00-19:00

What makes some moments in life so important and memorable, when at the same time so much of the things I do or see disappear a moment later to nothingness? Why do these forgotten and unused things have such a powerful impact that it feels like they were part of me?

In the middle of everyday work and hurry it is sometimes good to take time and think, what has stayed with me through times. Important meetings, good memories, bright gleams of light in front of my eyes - everything that comes to my mind again and again. The works that have been chosen to the exhibition are pieces from the author’s visual diary that shows through colour and material life’s changing visage. Detail that seems accidental, unexpected shape, colours that change from light to dark, structure and reflection - everything changes. Every work tells a story that does not currently have a beginning or ending. On the background of it all is something that always is not changing. The river still keeps on flowing.

The exhibition in the Hopner House brings to the viewer a selection from the artist's latest creation. There are tapestries and also emotional improvisations that have been created by combining materials and objects. The presentation and meeting with the author will happen on 29th of February from 17:00-19:00, a musician Tuule Kann will perform.

Exhibition designer is Madis Liplap

The exhibition is open to the guests during events and by prior agreement with Hopner House

Raekoja plats 18, Tallinn (

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