Rüki residency supports the resident's slow paced creativity and focuses on individual art practice. Sufficient isolation takes down the pressure to produce a specific result, such as works for exhibition. The purpose of staying in a residency may also be simply to shift the routine. Thus, the artist is free to create a similar atmosphere to their personal studio, but doing it in a different environment. Residents can also have conversations with the public in the Rüki Gallery premises for exchanging thoughts that have arisen during the residency.

The resident has a creative apartment of ~ 100 m², with everything necessary for living and working: a large and spacious studio and cozy living spaces with a shower room and kitchen. The artist must bring along only the means necessary for their artistic practice.

Residency duration: 1 week to 2 months.

Application form should include a short resume of the artist, CV, creative portfolio (website) and preferred period of residency. Since only one creative person can attend Rüki residency at a time, several periods can be marked. This will prevent overlaps in residency periods and unintentional omissions. Applications can be sent → Residents will be selected by Rüki's own team.

Open call’s deadline is on 29.02.2024. Residents will be contacted during March.

GD: Janno Saft (Frank Wo)

Additional information:

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