Open Call! Narva Venice Embassy is looking for residents


The deadline for the application is 06.07 

In the summer of 2022, the Narva Art Residencу successfully carried out the project of the NART Embassy in Narva Venice or VENICE EMBASSY. We are delighted to announce that the Narva Venice project returns in the summer of 2024!

Not far away from Narva Art Residency is the area of Kulgu, which has also gained the name of Narva Venice. It is a system of canals with boat garages near the Narva water reservoir. The garages are more than just boat sheds – they are where people live, and have saunas and parties. A local community likes to fish and spend time away from the city.

This public competition is for three creative residencies. Art installations and objects that enhance and develop the unique Narva Venice area and engage the local community are highly awaited. Selected artists will be invited to stay at the Narva Venice Embassy for about a week during the upcoming season. Each artist will receive a creative grant and a small budget for producing their work.

The residency will hold place for a week within the period of 29.07-18.08 

You can find more information about previous art projects here:

And more information about the open call here:

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