News from Grant Programmes 11/2022 - Nordic Culture Point


Webinar: Funding for cultural cooperation in the Nordics and Baltics

Nordic Culture Point hosts a webinar focusing on Culture and Art Programme as well as the three modules of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture: Mobility Funding, Network Funding and Funding for artistic residency centres Monday, January 23d, 2023 from 14-16.

See the full programme on our website.

REGISTER to the online event in English via this link.

The presentations will be in English but the participants can ask questions in English or Scandinavian.You are welcome to attend both sessions or only the grant programme session of your interest.




Book a one-on-one appointment with our grant programme advisors

One-on-one appointments with grant programme advisors are available in February 2023. You can choose either general information about grant programmes or advice on a certain funding form. The language is Scandinavian or English – but this is something to discuss individually with your advisor! Book your appointment to one of our advisors:

Katja Långvik (Network funding and Funding for artist residencies)

Geir Lindahl (Culture and Art Programme, Mobility funding)

Petra Laiti (NorNordic-Baltic Mobility Programmeden 0-30, Volt and Demos)




Funding programmes application deadlines:

Mobility Funding

03.01.2023-31.01.2023 // 27.02.2023-27.03.2023 // 28.08.2023-28.09.2023

Support for artistic residency centres


Short-term network funding

23.01.2023-23.02.2023 // 21.08.2023-21.09.2023

Long-term network funding


Culture and art programme

07.02.2023-07.03.2023 // 12.08.2023-12.09.2023

Norden 0–30

09.01.2023-09.02.2023 // 28.03.2023-28.04.2023 // 06.09.2023-06.10.2023





Photo: Photo from Future Futures, a collaboration between organizations in Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm, the collaboration is supported by Volt. Photo: Index

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