We welcome applications from all types of creative practitioners (including visual artists, architects, filmmakers, writers, musicians, performing artists and those working across disciplines or in collaboration). We offer 2 or 4 week residencies which begin on Thursday and end on Wednesday.

Application Process: As the space is limited, we select applicants based on an evidence of their professional experience, quality of past work, project idea and compatibility with other residents staying at the same time.

Deadline: January 8, 2024

Available rooms and dates: The residency house includes two studios/bedrooms (small and large) with private bathrooms, a fully equipped shared kitchen and a washing machine. Included in the residency fee are sheets, towels, all detergents, water, electricity, heating, and internet access. In the large studio is a large screen and a projector. To get around there are bisycles available. Residents can use the garden and the greenhouse and the honey produced by the KORDON bees. There is The Container Gallery as an exhibition and project space which residents can use in the summer time when there is no exhibition at the same time.

Select 2 weeks or 4 weeks from the dates below. See residency prices and fill application form here. We aim to get back to you within 14 days:

SMALL STUDIO / 29 February – 13 March 2024

SMALL STUDIO / 14 – 27 March 2024


SMALL STUDIO / 28 March – 10 April 2024

SMALL STUDIO / LARGE STUDIO / 11 – 24 April 2024


SMALL STUDIO / LARGE STUDIO / 25 April – 8 May 2024



SMALL STUDIO / LARGE STUDIO / 23 May – 5 June 2024

SMALL STUDIO / LARGE STUDIO / 6 June – 19 June 2024

Successful applicants will be sent confirmation of dates and an invoice with information about how to pay. The residency fee must be paid at least one month prior to the arrival. The granted residency period is not secure until the fee payment is processed. If the residency fee and the flight information are not provided by the artist one month prior to the arrival, the granted residency period may be cancelled automatically without notification.

The residency fee includes: wifi; parking; a set of towels and bedding; all communal utensils and equipment in the kitchen; cleaning equipment and supplies; iron and ironing board; washing machine; blow dryer; cost of electricity, heating, cold/hot water.

Expectations towards the artist

As this is a self-funded residency, the only expectation is that the artist works on their project during the majority of their residency. We hope that this supportive environment, without the pressure to produce, will aid creativity, experimentation and the development of new ideas. KORDON offers all creative practitioners and researches a change of pace and the space to create.

Additional information can be found here:

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