Group exhibition “Letters From a Foreign Mind”


Artists: Camel Collective, Cloe Jancis, Hana Miletić, Karl Pärsimägi, Killu Sukmit, Diana Tamane, Asta Vender, Pille-Riin Vihtre 
Curator: Laura Toots
The exhibition opening is held on Friday 4 June at 6pm. The exhibition will remain open until July 18.
The exhibition Letters from a foreign mind has been shaped by both the internal and external changes EKKM has undergone in the past year and a half, as well as contemplating on what is valued in our society and themes like scarcity, neglect and care. What is remembered, what is forgotten and what gets written into art history?
The building of EKKM has seen countless repairs and spatial renovations during its lifetime but is nevertheless tired and slowly crumbling. The physical and symbolic cracks are the subject matter and the habitat for artistic ideas, for visitors’ memories, its employees’ proposals, an abundance of dust and material legacy that has been left behind.
This is an exhibition on growth. Growing up, growing larger, growing anew. Change – distant and inviting – gently glows from afar but with enough focus and patience, it will begin shaping itself into something more familiar and become slightly clearer.
As a prologue to the exhibition, EKKM established a community garden in its backyard last spring, allowing to explore the openness and the wider use of space within the institution. The desire to open areas that are not in practical or artistic use is even more significant now that the surrounding garages have recently been demolished. The lost ancillary spaces have brought on a temporary shortage of space, which is, nevertheless, extending a hand toward the changes that will follow soon.
The exhibition is accompanied by a publication in English and Estonian, published by EKKM and Lugemik.
The exhibition is accompanied by series of guided tours in English, Estonian and Russian.
Tours are for free but pre-booking is required. REGISTER HERE
Curatorial Assistant: Anna-Liisa Purge
Graphic Designer: Kersti Heile
Architects: Laura Linsi & Roland Reemaa
Education programme: Anna Kaarma, Liisa Kivi, Anastassia Langinen
Additional information:
Laura Toots, curator
E-mail: laura [at]
Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia
Põhja puiestee 35
10415, Tallinn
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