Food-themed community programme to launch at Tallinn Art Hall’s Lasnamäe Pavilion


On 19 August at 4 pm, we will launch the food-themed community programme of lectures and joint cooking sessions, Korr-korr (Borborygmus) at the exhibition Hold Me Tender, featuring a variety of creators and thinkers in whose work preparing and sharing food holds a special place. The programme will be opened by Ulla Juske, Eva Järv and Hanna Piksarv with a campfire event, inviting visitors to grill whitebread over the flames and enjoy stories shared in the simple charm of fire.

The artists describe the event as follows: “In fairy tales, a lost wanderer often finds a company – sometimes ghostly, but sometimes enchantingly wonderful – sitting around a campfire in the woods, and this becomes the beginning of a life-changing event. The wanderer benefits from joining the crowd by the fire, either by learning to understand the language of birds or finding out the location of a hidden treasure. In real life too, sharing a piece of food by the fire brings strangers together, and the fire encourages stories to unfold.”

Ulla Juske, Eva Järv and Hanna Piksarv started working together in 2010 as students at the sculpture department of the Estonian Academy of Arts, creating edible models of Estonian sculptures as part of the programme of Tallinn Capital of Culture. Later, having formed the artist group SUHE, they have created edible models of artworks for their own and others’ exhibitions and held pop-up cafes at various events (the TASE exhibition of graduation projects at the Estonian Academy of Arts and glass art exhibition in Kalamaja Cemetery Park, both in 2010). Preparing food, going for visits and a sense of home were also the key themes in their projects You Are Missing From Me, which was exhibited at the Haapsalu City Gallery (2016), the Central Estonian Art Gallery pART in Põltsamaa (2017) and at the exhibition Metaphors For a Home at Tartu Art Museum (2018), as well as Postcards From Home, which they presented at the online exhibition The History of Joy, Part 4 (2021).

Also participating in the programme of Korr-korr (Borborygmus) will be Maria Muuk, Üle Prahi Collective and Sandra Kosorotova.

Additional information:
Madli Ehasalu
+372  5621 8422

Tallinn Art Hall
Jaan Koorti 24, Tallinn
Wed–Sun 12.00–19.00

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