Exhibition “Sources of creativity”


Evald Okas / Mari Roosvalt / Mara Ljutjuk


The exhibition features three generations of Estonian artists from the Okas family. Evald Okas (1915–2011) is an Estonian artist whose family included many other artistic people. Okas is known above all for his painting art that adheres to classical form, but his graphic series inspired by travels are equally important. Okas' production is characterized by color saturation, figurativeness and masterful use of lines, whether the subject of the description was everyday subjects, a portrait, a nude thesis or an urban or industrial landscape.

Artistic tendencies are usually transmitted from generation to generation. In the exhibition Sources of creativity - three generations of artists from Estonia, we look at how Evald Okas's painting skills have been transmitted on in the family. In addition to Okas's paintings, the exhibition presents the works of his daughter Mari Roosvalti and his granddaughter Mara Ljutjuk.

Mari Roosvalt (b. 1945), who taught at the Estonian Academy of Arts, considers herself a romantic who combines the old and the new. Roosvalt mainly uses mixed media, he combines different materials and adds elements from photographs as well. The viewer is given an experience of the sensitive relationship between culture and nature, which is sometimes old and sometimes modern.

Mara Ljutjuk (b. 1978) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in painting in 2001. Ljutjuk's style includes a simplified form and a realistic way of painting. The works are narrative, by telling the viewer familiar stories about life, relationships with loved ones, the struggle with oneself, the beginning of life and transience.

Raisio museum Harkko, Raisio Library, Eeronkuja 2, Raisio

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