Exhibition “Anyone can confirm”


Virtual gallery invited 5 artists to present their works as part of a group exhibition. Those artists are Kaisa Maasik, Mari Männa, Camille Laurelli, Laura De Jaeger and Johannes Luik. The exhibition is curated by Ian Simon Märjama


“Anyone can confirm” takes its basis from the widespread virtual interface element called a drop menu, which can be viewed as a container or a category that is usually presented with a title or a symbol describing its contents. The user is presented with a list of options to choose from, which in turn can propagate further down into their own lists and so on. Through these avenues of choices, it is possible to navigate in and interact with digital space.

The drop menu construct, with its confined and defined form, starts to generate its own values, borders and meanings. The inside describes and influences the outside and vice versa. How do we as users influence and be influenced by these properties when we navigate our digital space? Will their characteristics be somehow placed upon ourselves as well?

The artist's works have been thrust into this world.

Eexhibition is open: 22.08.2023–23.10.2023’s team: Kelli Gedvil, Ian Simon Märjama, Kristen Rästas
The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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