EKA residency at NART this winter!


This winter Narva Art Residency invites one EKA employee for a residency. The residency period is from December 19, 2023, to January 21, 2024, but the resident can also come to Narva after the holidays. EKA employees with different job titles are welcome – professors, lecturers, specialists, directors, researchers, etc.

Narva Art Residency (NART) is a cultural platform established in 2015, where residencies, exhibitions, lectures, and educational workshops take place. It is an active community and you can see a short video about the house here. The international residency program welcomes artists from all fields. Most residents create interactive, social, and/or community-based creative works. NART provides a private bedroom, a shared kitchen, washing facilities, and a sauna. The resident will receive assistance in making local contacts and the opportunity to visit the Kreenholm factory.

EKA residency at NART is intended for an EKA employee who wishes to spend a period in Narva and believes that this time could be beneficial in some way. The residency can be used as they themselves intend, for creative work or other purposes. In the application form, we kindly ask for a brief description of the plans. One of the goals of the EKA residency is to bring different EKA departments closer to Narva Art Residency, introduce the possibilities of NART, and create a foundation for meaningful collaboration. We hope this will become an annual tradition.

Please send your application through the Google form here: The deadline is on 31 October at 23:59. Along with the application, a recommendation or confirmation from the immediate supervisor is required, stating that the residency is compatible with other job responsibilities or can be accommodated within the vacation period. Applications are reviewed by the faculty deans who will make the selection.

Additional information: Johanna Rannula,, 59177795.

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