Art residencies and artists


By answering the questions below, you will help to understand the impact of art residencies on artists and to better understand artist's expectations towards art residencies.
The information gained through this survey will contribute to the development plan for Tartu and South- Estonian residency programmes for the years 2022-2025. This plan will serve as a document prepared within the framework of Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture, to map existing opportunities, purpose and demand for residencies. It also represents an initial vision and action plan for 2022-2025. The preparation process of the development plan involves various parties: creative persons, residency keepers, Tartu 2024 Foundation, project area municipalities and experts in the field). The activities related to the current preparatory process bring together the related parties and thus create a starting point for the co-operation required for the implementation of the development plan.
The development plan research and compilation takes place between 1.01- 30.04.2021. It has been commissioned by Tartu 2024 foundation and is being carried out by the NGO Mooste KülalisStuudio (MOKS).​
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