Open Call for RUBERT Residency Program


As summer begins, RUPERT is once again open for proposals to join its residency program.

Rupert invites artists, writers, curators, researchers, academics, cultural managers, and other thinkers to join us in Vilnius to live and work for 1 to 3 months between January and December 2025.

Our residency programme is ideal for developing individual or collaborative projects, reflection, research, and immersion in Lithuania’s thriving contemporary art context. The ideal resident already has several years of independent professional experience.


Rupert is located in the picturesque area of Valakampiai in Vilnius, a short distance from the lively city centre. We sit by the river Neris, surrounded by a small beach, peaceful fields, and a forest. We have three studios for our residents in the ‘Tech Arts’ building, designed by award-winning Lithuanian architect Audrius Ambrasas.

Each resident is provided with a studio space that has a mezzanine (approximately 52 m2) to be used as a space for production, research, and living during the residency. The studio is fully furnished and equipped with WiFi. The building contains a reading room, gallery space, conference room, and a kitchen, all open for residents’ use. Several other organisations, companies, and occasional events also share the building with Rupert.

During the residency, we provide residents with curatorial assistance in their research process. This includes studio visits from our staff and visiting art professionals, as well as connections to the local art scene.

We welcome residents to participate in Rupert’s public and alternative education programmes. While not required, opportunities are available for residents to present their work and organise discussions.

Rupert’s residency programme encompasses more than its participants’ physical time in Vilnius. We maintain strong connections with many of our residency alumni. As opportunities arise, our current and former residents are invited to participate in exhibitions, events, or other activities as part of Rupert’s programmes.

All the residencies are free, thanks to the support of the Lithuanian Council for Culture, and the studios provided by Tech Arts. Applicants are responsible for personal (daily and travel) expenses. Rupert’s team will issue acceptance letters for successful applicants and support their applications for external grants to cover their additional costs.

Artist collectives of up to 3 people may apply for the residency programme. In this case, the collective is provided with one residency studio. Families are also welcome, but be aware that the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet facilities are shared between the residents and other tenants of the building. While studio access is not step-free, we will do our best to accommodate applicants from all backgrounds, including those with accessibility needs. If you have specific questions in advance of applying, write with the subject ‘Residency accessibility’.

all year, up to 2 places available

With the generous support of Nordic Culture Point, Rupert offers two-month residency scholarships for artists officially residing in Nordic and Baltic countries other than Lithuania. This award includes stipends for travel (300 EUR), living expenses (1000 EUR), and production (400 EUR). Additional resources may be allocated for public programming. We ask applicants to opt in on the form for consideration.

Nordic and Baltic applicants not selected for the award are still eligible for the general open call. Rupert will support selected residents’ external funding applications as usual.


We invite prospective residents in their application to outline a project that they intend to work on during the residency.

The project is not required to be specifically developed for Rupert. You may also work independently on your creative practice. However, we encourage applicants to share how a Rupert residency will contribute to the development of their project and creative practice. Additionally, we ask you to specify if your residency will be research-based or production-based, and any particular materials you will need.


Individual residencies are for 1 to 3 months. Applicants should indicate their preferred duration and timing in the form. If accepted, the final dates are negotiable according to studio availability and Rupert’s programme schedule.

The deadline for applications is 14 JULY 2024, 23:59 EEST.

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