Becoming a member

New members are admitted at EAA council meetings, which are held at least four times a year.
Applicants are requested to submit the following documents:
- an application letter;
- CV (contact details, education, area of activity, personal and group exhibitions, awards, publications, membership in EAA sub-associations, etc.) or a CV as part of the portfolio;
- three letters of recommendation from EAA members:
- portfolio (electronically as a pdf file of max 1 MB, website address or portfolio on paper) with documentation of works (photos, videos, media coverage, etc.);
- three passport photographs or a digital photograph.
Portfolios on paper are returned to the artist after the admission procedures.
Please send these materials to the email or bring them to the Estonian Artists Association (6 Vabaduse väljak, 3rd floor; Mon–Fri 9am–5pm).
Applications are examined within three months of receipt.
The following natural and legal persons can be members of the EAA on a voluntary basis:
7.1. Natural persons: professional artists, art historians and art workers that have demonstrated their artistic capability and activity in practice. The EAA has no obligation to admit persons that have been convicted of a crime or that have been excluded from the EAA on grounds other than at their own request, or that have otherwise seriously damaged the interests of the EAA or its members;
7.2. Legal persons: non-profit associations that have demonstrated the outcomes of their activities in practice – artistic associations and unions that have at least 25 members (hereinafter referred to as member organisations or sub-associations).
7.3. The EAA management maintains a register of EAA members that includes the name, place of residence or seat, personal identification or registration number and date of admission to the EAA of each member, as well as information on the suspension of membership, exclusion or withdrawal from the EAA, and other information as allowed by law.
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