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Open studios is a first public event of the KORDON LAB on Food and Energy residency programme that gives an opportunity to meet the artists in person. On Saturday, 9 September at 2pm the artists Alejandro Chellet and Jonas Palekas open their studio doors to introduce their thoughts, ideas and questions about the forthcoming residency and the topic: food and energy.

The event starts with a presentation by Canadian architect David K. Ross introducing his architectural and environmental project “Pomme de parterre”, that is part of LINNANIIT ('CITY MEADOW') event series (see below).

One year long cyclical residency that follows the variety of seasons, allows the selected participants to create an in-depth relationship to the north-east context and its recurrent political reshapings. By inviting residents to map, reflect and transform techniques and knowledge of food in relation to energy – we seek for a paradigm shift in our perception of making human and other-than-human life possible.

ALEJANDRO CHELLET is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist, curator and cultural practitioner living in Mexico City and New York. He is currently based in Norway. His practice addresses the misplaced core principles of coexistence, the loss of connection with Nature and the political and environmental context of urban societies. He has made performances about the absurdity of the distribution of food in our capitalist society and has created participatory art projects on growing organic vegetables, building clay ovens and preparing feasts. He is currently researching Radical Hospitality for his Master of Arts in Performance at the Norwegian Theatre Academy. His work ranges from social practice, painting, sculpture, installation, urban intervention and performance using permaculture, artivism, improvisation, somatic movement, politics, altruism and shamanistic practices.

JONAS PALEKAS is a chef and food thinker from Lithuania specialising in performative dinners, experimental food system design, and research on ecological relations and gastronomic phenomenons. Currently, Jonas is a resident at Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, Netherlands. He is a co-founder of the restaurant Delta Mityba (opened in 2016), which now plays a major role in Vilnius' contemporary art scene. Jonas participates in artistic projects and events across Europe, including Biennale di Venezia 2017 and 2018, Volcano Extravaganza 2019 in Italy, Kunstverein Amsterdam 2019, and others. With interests in social, cultural, and ecological contexts of nowadays world and with his education in culinary arts, he works across the boundaries of humans’ nutritional habits and raises questions related to food in our uncertain times.

Curators: Ann Mirjam Vaikla ja Rasmus Jensen



On Saturday, 9 September the second part of LINNANIIT (‘CITY MEADOW’) series takes place. We invite you to discuss ecosystem integrity, this time focusing more specifically on an entanglement of food, energy and environment. The event begins with a presentation by Canadian architect David K. Ross.

Sat, 9 Sept
14.00 David K. Ross’ presentation introducing architectural and environmental project “Pomme de parterre” followed by a discussion
PAUSE – everyone are welcome to bring homemade snacks for tasting!
Open studios of KORDON LAB residents: Alejandro Chellet and Jonas Palekas

discussion is moderated by Ann Mirjam Vaikla
contact: mob +372 56484112, ann(ät)

DAVID K. ROSS is an architect, artist and an educator, who currently lives in Tallinn and works at the Estonian Academy of Arts. He received an MA in architecture from the University of Toronto (2003). He uses mediums of photography, film and installation to analyse urban infrastructures. Ross’ works have been exhibited in North America and Europe and they are part of several museum collections (National Gallery of Canada, Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Canadian Centre for Architecture).

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