MEANINGS. Tapestries from the methodical archive of the textile department of Pallas
8.-30.03.2021   The exhibition MEANINGS opens the furthermost doors of the methodical archive of the textile department of Pallas and introduces a selection of tapestries from the last 25 years.   Tapestry weaving is a third-year course in the Pallas textile curriculum and each year new students start with a different theme. By that time, the students have completed more than half of their studies and are experienced in working with composition, colour and material. This allows the students to focus on meaning in addition to weaving, and to find the most suitable way for expressing the message of their work. Alongside course works, several graduation works are exhibited. The tapestries depict people and events, encounters and dialogues important to the authors, their households and hometowns. However, the protagonist of the tapestry is always the author, being sometimes visible and invisible at other times.  
Online exhibition “Best Before”
Online exhibition “Best Before”
26.03.2021 to 26.04.2021
Estonian Academy of Arts Graphic Design and Product Design 2nd year students will open a joint exhibition “Best Before” online at from Friday, March 26 at 18:00. The artists use time-based media to explore themes of temporality and self-preservation, mapping various mindsets initiated by unconventional and isolated circumstances imposed by enhanced coronavirus restrictions introduced during the development of the exhibition. The diverse video art exhibition expires on 26.04.   Artists: Aleksander Alev, Edvin Krištofor, Emilia Kagovere + Marissa Mutt, Erik Heiki Veelmaa, Erik Risto Merisalu, Gert-Rasmus Rannamets, Jaan Pavliuk, Jekaterina Kožemjatšenko, Kairit Raudla, Karl Kevad, Karl Kukk, Katariina Kivi, Kertu Kibal, Kertu Klementi, Kristi Jaago, Kristjan Prik, Laura Okas, Maria Helena Laving + Norman Järve, Meeri Krass, Nora Pelšs + Elias Tael, Polina Zahharenkova, Rainer Kasekivi, Saara Kuum, Tarmo Kiuru, Uko-Aija Heintalu, Uku Art Mikkin, Urmet Piiling  
ARS Showroom #025 – Fideelia-Signe Roots „Friends”
2.–31. March 2021   The exhibition is about the possibility of equal relationships between human- and nonhuman animals. Fideelia was a foster home for a cat whose name is Kant Nurrkärakas in the summer of 2020 at ARS Art Factory. Kant loved to explore the house but the artist could not leave him on his own for the safety reasons so they always walked together and protesting about taking him back to the studio, Kant used claws and teeth. The two friends were liberated and with the desire to be free so their frienship was built on the basis of mutual understanding. Fideelia believes in the liberty and equality between human- and nonhuman animals and has proved it through her practise as animal rights activist. The full potential of this is yet to arrive as the society changes its attitude towards the nonhuman animals.  
Joint exhibition “Jonas & Kaido II”
From Saturday, 27 February the joint exhibition “Jonas & Kaido II” of the painters Jonas Gasiūnas and Kaido Ole is open in the large gallery of the Tartu Art House. The exhibition is curated by Arvydas Žalpys (Meno parkas Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania).   Although both the Lithuanian Gasiūnas and the Estonian Ole are among the most esteemed painters of their home countries, their oeuvre is in fact very different. Their personalities are also dissimilar. But something in their creative nature or in the urgency that they approach their art is still comparable. That is why it is no wonder that this is not the first exhibition where they both participate.  
Tartu Art Auction 2021
Tartu Art Auction 2021
27.02.2021 to 26.03.2021
From Saturday, 27 February the exhibition of this year’s Tartu Art Auction will be open in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House. The auction is organised by the Tartu Artists’ Union in co-operation with the gallery Art & Tonic. Auction takes place on 26 March!   50 works were selected for the exhibition. Participating artists are:
Exhibition of ceramic artists from South-Eastern Estonia “Routine or Ritual?”
From Saturday, 27 February a joint exhibition of ceramic artists from South-Eastern Estonia “Routine or Ritual?” will be opened in the small gallery of the Tartu Art House.   Handmade ceramics are pleasant and intimate, transforming the everyday domestic routine into an enchanting ritual. Eating and drinking are everyday activities and dishes used each and every day must be convenient and enjoyable. Deliberate, relevant to us and shaped likes us. The process of creating ceramics also contains both routine and ritual. The joy of creation is an integral part of the design.  
“Spring Express” by Ann Pajuväli and Misa Asanuma
Joint exhibition “Spring Express” by Ann Pajuväli and Misa Asanuma will be open in Hobusepea gallery from Thursday, February 25, 2021. Exhibition will stay open until March 15, 2021.             By weaving together drawing, ceramic, concrete products and found objects, the exposition constructs a wandering narrative about the longing to be elsewhere and creating fictional worlds into your everyday. The exhibition invites you to a swift sensory journey, in which a comforting familiarity that comes with previously perceived objects and phenomena is mixed with playful scenes of imagination.   ☆   Where do you go when days blend into one, when nostrils are longing for spring? Where do you go when slipping into reverie?
Vika Eksta “P”
From February 26, in Gallery Pallas of Pallas University of Applied Sciences is open the exhibition “As She Sees It” of Latvian photographers Vika Eksta, Evita Goze, Kristine Madjare and Diana Tamane.  
Raul Keller's exhibition “Perfect Wordls”. Photo: Danel Rinaldo
Raul Keller's personal exhibition “Perfect Wordls” will be open in Draakon gallery since Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021. Exhibition will be open until March 13, 2021.  
Liisa Kruusmägi “Underneath the Hot Sun”
On February 19, at 19:00, the exhibition “Dreamers” by painter Liisa Kruusmägi (33) will be opened at the Solaris Gallery. The exhibition is based on the author's latest work. While in the past Liisa has mainly painted people in different moments and environments, the theme of the new exhibition is deeply related to nature - in a very positive sense. Recently, more and more time has been spent in nature, hiking there and observing its life processes. Central to the pictures in the exhibition is a dreamer who, while in nature, enjoys it, it is like a world of good dreams. The one lying on the living room carpet has been replaced by an observer of the flying stars on the beach sand, and the anxious coucher has gone to the forest, bowed to the shore of a small lake, instead of the phone-selfie, looking at her reflection on the surface of the water, stepped a little further, and then found some beautiful boletus that had made the day.