Exhibition “Triquetra”


Artists: Darja Popolitova, Sabīne Vernere, Elīna Vītola
Curator: Šelda Puķīte

We open the exhibition Triquetra on 26 May at 18.00 at Kogo Gallery.

Throughout history, magic, nature and art have been seen as part of the dangerous chaos that exists outside the normative. They are entities on broad spectra that make them seem abstract, out of control and, therefore, suspicious. What is forgotten amidst such prejudice is that each of them provides spiritual connectivity, imagination, an openness to experimentation and play, as well as healing. The spectrum encoded in each can be viewed as a playful trickster expanding meanings, blurring lines and territories, and growing all the connecting networks.
The invited artists all have their own unique creative spectra that define their techniques and interests.

For Darja Popolitova, it is magic and witchcraft that she uses as a speculative tool to address certain complexities in linguistic expressions as well as mundane behaviour and habits in modern society.

In Sabīne Vernere's works, nature as a spectrum reveals itself through processes of metamorphosis. There is a strong presence of beauty, sensuality and emotion in her works, but also disturbance and violence, which correlates with the complexities of the dynamics between humans and nature.

Elīna Vītola's interest has always been the art world itself. Her artistic practice can be described as relational, incorporating the space, other participants and the situation itself in dialogue. Art as her spectrum has become an important communicator to investigate values, crafts, identities and histories.

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The exhibition is funded by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Tartu – City Of Good Thoughts and the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia

Triquetra is the third exhibition in Kogo Gallery’s this year’s programme entitled Queer It Up. This title celebrates all that is positioned as fluid, different, unidentifiable, glitchy, marginal and uncomfortable. Topics like friendship, nature, magic, gender and failure will be tackled within the programme.

Aditional information:
Kogo Gallery
Kastani 42, Tartu
Wed–Fri at 13.00–19.00, Sat at 13.00–18.00

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