Draakon Gallery

Draakon Gallery was founded in 1983 and in the early days it focused on showing the work of members of the Association of Printmakers (Vabagraafikute Ühing). After 1990, when the gallery stopped hosting exhibitions, it continued as a commercial venue selling paintings, printmaking and applied art. In early 2003, Draakon Gallery once again started to show exhibitions of Estonian and foreign artists, and the rejuvenated gallery sells contemporary art and the gallery’s cellar space sells high quality contemporary Estonian painting, and the work of young painters, printmakers and photographers.
Like Hobusepea Gallery, the priority for Draakon Gallery is to organise non-profit and commercial exhibitions of contemporary art, showing solo exhibitions by Estonia’s top artists, while also providing opportunities for young artists. The sub-associations can also use the space.
Many of the artists active locally and internationally started their art careers at Draakon Gallery. Over the years many well-known artists have had exhibitions at Draakon that they have considered to have had special importance in their creative careers. Exhibitions at the gallery have received numerous prizes and nominations (Konrad Mäe Prize, Kristjan Raud Prize, Estonian Cultural Endowment Prizes, etc.)
The exhibition programme at Hobusepea and Draakon galleries is compiled on the basis of projects submitted to an open call. Until 2013 the curator Elin Kard made the selection, and since 2013 Elin Kard has worked with gallery assistant Sirje-Liisa Eelma to put together the programme. As of 2020 the gallery assistant position is held by Anna Mari Liivrand. The exhibition programme is approved by the artists association council.
The open call for exhibition projects is announced in March, the deadline is always the first week in May and decisions are made public by the end of June, at the latest.
For more information visit the gallery homepage.
The gallery and use of equipment for exhibitions is free for the artists.
Mon–Fri 11am–6pm, Sat 11am–5pm, closed on Sun and public holidays
Tel: +372 6464 110
Pikk 18
10133 Tallinn
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