Vello Vinn's anniversary exhibition “UMBLUU Time and Space. Vello Vinn feat. Kiwa”


On Thursday, 20 February at 5 p.m. the artist Vello Vinn will open his anniversary exhibition “UMBLUU Time and Space. Vello Vinn feat. Kiwa” featuring Kiwa in the large gallery of the Tartu Art House. The exhibition has been curated by Andra Orn from

The exhibition reveals the world of symbols of the singular printmaker Vello Vinn where words and shapes transform together. The simplest and probably the most precise definition for Vinn’s prints is “psychedelic” but often the term “surreal” is used to define them. The title of the exhibition comes from Aino Pervik’s book “Umbluu. New and Old Capers” that was illustrated by Vinn. Among many others, Kiwa was once infected by the magic of this book and the exhibition is therefore based on the principle of remix: the original works of the classical master have been combined with new interpretations.

Kiwa adds: “The psychedelics of Vinn are a critical technology in its purest form since they work with modeling our senses. The rhythm of the lines and the vibrations, pulses and repetitions in his pictures directly activate the networks of neurons in the viewers like a shaman controls the brainwaves of the participants of a ritual using a drum. These networks are like the grooves of a vinyl: petrified vibrations that will find the corresponding resonating frequencies in your brain that are working to keep your consciousness stable.”

Vello Vinn (b 1939) has graduated in 1968 from the Glass Art Department of the Estonian State Art Institute but is known as a printmaker and illustrator. His favourite techniques are etching and drypoint. He received his first award already in 1971 at the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts and his latest considerable recognition was the Kristjan Raud Art Award in 2015. An overview of his oeuvre is currently on display at the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn.

The exhibition has been supported by Kujundlik OÜ and Seri Disain OÜ.

The exhibition will remain open until 15 March.
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