Taavi Suisalu’s personal exhibition “Waiting for the Light”


On Thursday, 14 November at 6 p.m. Taavi Suisalu’s personal exhibition “Waiting for the Light” will be opened in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House.
The work “Waiting for the Light” focuses on light that extends as a network of fine strands in the bottom of the oceans, on mountaintops and in the soil. For societies that are interlaced with technology, this light, that carries most of the contemporary flow of information, is as essential as Sun is for plants. The light has become geologic: compelled by milliseconds, it pushes through the mountains, forced by communication, it penetrates the gloom of the oceans, and ultimately it freezes in a blue shine on our faces.
The artist adds: “The Wardian cases in the exhibition function as miniature closed ecosystems and also as islands in the network between things – the Internet. Any device connected to this network becomes a target for automated processes – bots – whose motives are mostly non-transparent and therefore unknown. Each plant becomes an object of interest to these robots whose communicative acts, streams of light, once passed the floors of oceans, are lit back into our environment as bursts of growth light, giving them an agenda they are unaware of.”
Taavi Suisalu (b 1982) has studied media in the Tartu Art College and new media in the Estonian Academy of Arts. In last years, his works have also been shown in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Iceland. The present work has previously been displayed in Estonia in the Tallinn City Gallery and in the bell tower of the St John’s church during last year’s Tartu in Light festival.
Thanks: WRO Art Center, EMAP/EMARE, KOOR wood, Mihkel Säre, Tartu in Light, Outset Estonia.
The exhibition will remain open until 15 December.
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