Mirjam Hinn’s exhibition “High Voltage”


Mirjam Hinn’s exhibition “High Voltage” focuses on intense states of mind and on their role in being human. By dismantling extreme experience, both positive and negative, into their constituent elements, the exhibition seeks the common base structures that characterize all the exhilarating experiences that Hinn has captured into the dazzling color gamut of her abstract paintings.

Mirjam Hinn (1990) has graduated from the Tartu Art College (BA) and the Department of Painting of the University of Tartu (MA). In her oeuvre, Hinn has gradually moved from figurative paintings to increasingly abstract compositions. In the spring 2018 exhibition “Solidified Sounds” in the Tartu Art House, Hinn combined her abstract paintings into a single magnificent composition using exhibition design that earned her the AkzoNobel Art Prize. The exhibition “High Voltage”, which takes place in the project space of the Tartu Art Museum, starts from a similar point by merging the exhibition space into a coherent whole with the paintings using light and sound effects.

Mirjam Hinn’s exhibition “High Voltage” is part of Tartu Art Museum’s exhibition series “Young Tartu” that provides opportunities for young artists associated with Tartu. The series has previously featured solo exhibitions by Sten Eltremaa (“Brussels’ Prelude: The Liminal Zone”, 2017) and Keiu Maasik (“The Three Brothers”, 2018)

The exhibition is open from the 8th of November until the 12th of January 2020. 
Curator: Indrek Grigor
Sound: Karl-Gustav Kello
Text: Indrek Grigor, Joanna Hoffmann
Graphic design: Martin Lazarev
Editing: Anti Saar, Richard Adang
Translation: Peeter Talvistu
Photos: Mirjam Hinn
Education program: Kristel Sibul
Communication: Riin Lisett Rei
Exhibition team: Heiti Kulmar, Joanna Hoffmann, Kristlyn Liier, Margus Joonsalu, Jaanika Kuznetsova, Julia Polujanenkova, Riin Lisett Rei, Kristo Tamm
Supporters: Eesti Kultuurkapital, Art&Tonic, Vilde ja Vine
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Wed, Fri–Sun 11–18
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