Lola Liivat “The Color Oration of Abstract Painting”


On Friday, 20.11.20, the living legend of Estonian abstract art Lola Liivat will open the exhibition “The Color Oration of Abstract Painting” based on her latest work at the SOLARIS Gallery. In cooperation with the Viinistu Art Museum, in addition to a fresh conceptual exhibition, works from the author's various creative periods have been exhibited.
As a curator, I have a very small role in creating this exhibition. All this was already done by the author before - we delivered the works, Lola looked around the room a bit and then, as a conductor, waved the puzzle pieces to their right places. A unity opened to the eyes, which includes everything - birth and death; in one repetitive sequence. The color spurges scattering like a purple bruise and the enlightenment flickering like lightning - a person's journey through the stars of difficulty and the millions of stars themselves, whole star systems. The (star)dusty universes are unfolding both above us and at the tops of the mountains, and there is no time, because it can all be seen at the same moment in the light of the gallery's spotlights. It can be said that this experience is sacred - there is a universe and very little of the creator - standing in the morning barefoot in the dewy grass, fog rising from the enchanting landscape or thick boots on the roof of the world on top of Jomolungma, gliding over the clouds, crisp mountain air penetrating the nose - then the creator has not been written into this picture, "I created it, how do you like it?". It's all just here for you and the creator himself has left the picture. But at the same time, she is here, in all her nature, and as a spectator you feel very tiny and at the same time exalted - grateful and happy that you have the opportunity to be a part of this picture.
Curator Meelis Tammemägi
The exhibition will be open until 06.12.20.
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