Exhibition of ceramic artists from South-Eastern Estonia “Routine or Ritual?”


From Saturday, 27 February a joint exhibition of ceramic artists from South-Eastern Estonia “Routine or Ritual?” will be opened in the small gallery of the Tartu Art House.
Handmade ceramics are pleasant and intimate, transforming the everyday domestic routine into an enchanting ritual. Eating and drinking are everyday activities and dishes used each and every day must be convenient and enjoyable. Deliberate, relevant to us and shaped likes us. The process of creating ceramics also contains both routine and ritual. The joy of creation is an integral part of the design.
Equally important is the cultural space that has given rise to the ceramics and that is conveyed to us by the utensils and dishes. Leo Rohlin, the professor emeritus of the Department of Ceramics at the Estonian Academy of Arts, has said: “A good usable form, no matter if it is a dish or a vase, deserves the same respect as works that float somewhere on the periphery of visual arts. From what I have seen, the ceramic artists of South-Eastern Estonia have not only managed to follow but also to innovate and individualise the earlier tradition of making items from clay and to preserve the charm of clay as a material.”
The author of the idea, Jana Huul, presented the exhibition “Routine or Ritual?” for the first time in 20.11.2019–12.01.2020 at the Vana-Võromaa Museum and Art Gallery.
The overview exhibition of active ceramic artists working with clay in South-Eastern Estonia includes Karmen Kevvai, Urve Konksi, Meelis Krigul, Signe Krigul, Helemall Maask, Krista Nagel and Aivar Rumvolt.
Curators: Stella Mõttus, Urve Konksi, Jane Ansmann
Mentor of the exhibition: Leo Rohlin
Film: Lauri Nagel
Graphic design: Anette Konksi
Thanks: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Tartu Art House, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Estonian Glass Artists’ Union
The exhibition is open until 28 March.
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