Exhibition “Between the Invisible Walls”


Amy Boulton, Keiu Maasik, Kelli Gedvil & Natalia Wójcik, Kertu Rannula 

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The exhibition deals with the transformations and symbiosis that happen between the invisible walls in the virtual and real world. An invisible wall is a boundary in a video game that limits where a player can go. If a character passes through that wall, they may enter an area of the map which was not intended to be entered. They might step into an endless space which contains nothing at all.

It is also believed that indiscernible barriers exist in space, which could be responsible for galaxies aligning into disk forms. As a result, the artworks imitate disk-shaped galaxies. Their borders are in the shapes of physical screens or imaginative obstacles. The constructed spaces invite visitors to discover the various represented topics – online and offline parasocial relationships, self-representation on social media and gender equality in the gaming community.

Curator: Kelli Gedvil
Graphic design: Henri Kutsar’s team: Kelli Gedvil, Ian Simon Märjama, Kristen Rästas
The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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