EAA Muhu Art Residency - 2020


General Information
Estonian Artists Association Muhu Art Residency program is open for individual professional artists at any stage of their career, working in visual arts, music, literature and other creative areas.
Residency is most appropriate for artists who seek time out for the critical thinking, individual research and experiments; especially for those who need open spaces in nature.
Our main interests are interdisciplinary, as they lie in integration of art with environment, in more or less poetical interaction between art and society.
Issues of existential border-state will remain at the heart of Muhu Art Residency now and in the future, without favoring one technique to another.
In contemporary context our ancient 19. Century farmhouses represent a chance for a  real  “time-out” in rural and ascetic  territory.
Located in Nõmmküla – a small and quiet seaside village on the north coast of Muhu island, on the edge of the western world - about 10 km from nearest shop in Liiva center and 150 km from Tallinn.
This is one of the oldest farms on Muhu island.
Nowadays buildings are mostly from 19. Century, including Holland windmill and french style blacksmith’s forge.
As one of the Estonian archaic cultural landmarks, Muhu Residency is in process of synthesising the ancient with contemporary; as a creativity generator as well as a living environment.
By coming here in 2020 the artists will find most rural and ascetic living environment, surrounded by pure nature and local history.
The accomodation rooms in ancient and rustic barns are 8 – 20 m2 in size,  with 1 or 2 beds.
The shared kitchen, shower, sauna and most simple (!) outdoors toilet are located in separate  buildings.
Farm has one larger studio room in the main building, and smaller one in ancient barn.
Please note and be prepared  - the simple  ascetic living environment of Muhu Residency will take you to the era of pre-modernism.
30 days
Fee 400 EUR
14 days
Fee 250 EUR
Residency season: 1. June-1.September +  September in case of demand
Paid by Host
One united exhibition for all artists together, administrative assistance for personal exhibitions (all conditions and terms for personal exhibition will be agreed individually with artist.)
Media connections.
Administrative costs, internet service.
A bicycle is available for resident during the stay in Muhu Residency.
We ask to indicate your needs and possible work-related requirements in the application.
Paid by Artist
Residency  fee,  according to the Individual Residency Contract with Estonian Artists Association
gasoline,  for trips in Muhu and Saaremaa in case Residency car is used.
Personal meals.
Residents are responsible for their travel to Muhu Residency, local sightseeing trips and other transportations, working materials, food and all personal expenses during their stay in Residency.
Resident is responsible for his or hers travel, other transportation for and during the residency period, tools and materials, a weatherproof clothing and swimming accessories.
+ Health insurance or other personal preparation concerning the health. Muhu Art Residency provides first aid if needed, + the nearest ambulatory is 10 km away. For more serious problems, assistance would be needed from Kuressaare.
Apply here.
Additional information:
Tiiu Rebane
project manager
EAA Muhu A.I. Residency
tiiu.rebane [at] eaa.ee
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