“Megaflowers” by Urmas Viik


On Friday, 1st of March at 6 pm Urmas Viik will open his solo exhibition titled “Megaflowers” at Vaal Gallery. The exhibition will remain open until 30th of March.

The primary sources of inspiration for this exhibition are botanical engravings of the XIX century as well as medieval fantasy travelogues. The pivotal themes have transformed during the process, fragmented and branched into different directions, changed emphasis and reached a combination that is difficult to define with any certainty.

After many years Viik has returned to printmaking as a medium. Digigraphic tools are sharp and able to cut forced impressions from classical line art into virtual material. However, floating objects installed in the gallery space have become one of the characteristics of Viik’s artwork of this century. The exhibition also features emotionally perceptible pseudo-documentary recordings, expanded formats and miniatures that undulate from edge to edge with sensual nuances.

Urmas Viik (b 1961) is a printmaker, illustrator and installation artist. He has worked as a professor at Estonian Academy of Arts and Tallinn University. Viik has participated in exhibitions in nearly 30 countries and has received numerous awards: IV class Order of the White Star, The Kristjan Raud Art Award, Annual Awards of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Vaal Gallery Annual prize "Harpuun", Eduard Wiiralt Prize, Silver Lovie Award in Website: Best Individual Editorial Experience. Urmas Viik’s first exhibition in Vaal artspace took place already in the very early days of the gallery, in 1991, the second in 1994 and the third now, thirty years later.

Exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, The Estonian National Culture Foundation, Nudist Winery Bar, Rocca al Mare School.

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