EAA members can apply for a creative scholarship of a pre-defined amount for creative activities and professional development during announced competitions.
To apply for a scholarship, please submit a reasoned application (planned objective, activities, outcome, etc.) by the deadline specified in the public competition announcement. Application
The recipient of a scholarship agrees to use the scholarship for its intended purpose. The recipient of a scholarship agrees to submit a free-format report on the use of the scholarship within one month of the end of the period of use.
The EAA scholarship committee decides on an application within one month. The decision is communicated by email.
Scholarships are not awarded for projects already carried out.
Scholarships are not awarded to debtors of the EAA (membership fee, other claims).
The EAA Support for Creative Activities and Scholarships Committee consists of Elin Kard (chairman), Vano Allsalu, Heie Treier, Kaire Rannik, Maria-Kristiina Soomre (Republic of Estonia Ministry of Culture). Coordinator of the Creative Persons and Artistic Associations Act: Mari-Liis Tammi.
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